19 for 2019

We all want to set goals and cultivate better habits. While there’s definitely arguments re: the arbitrariness of January 1st, every year it rolls around and every year so many of us still try to make progress on renewed aspirations.

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Croatia on Instant Film

It’s well preached that limitations breed creativity - so when I bought a Fuji Instax earlier this year I knew it’d be a welcome change from the distraction of camera settings & pressure of perfection.

It’s not the best quality tool, but without the decision fatigue brought on by choice in lens, settings or editing, I could leave the focus where it should be - on the beauty in front of me.

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I love taking, editing and posting photos online, but often find an incongruence with how much thought goes into creating an image versus how little time is spent taking it in. With a turbulent digital space of shifting algorithms and trending styles, I wanted to create a tangible home for my photographs, something I really felt to have WORKED on. Zines, with their low cost of production, seemed the perfect place to start.

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Starting is the hardest part - Do it anyway

Have you ever seen someone do something skillful or create something great and wish you could too?

I do all the time. Envy is one of the worst emotions - but if someone else is doing it, it means it's humanly possible. And if it's humanly possible, you can do it too.

This is for everyone who wants to start a creative project, make something that doesn't exist yet, or learn a new skill, but is unsure whether it's worth the bother. It doesn't matter if it's painting, photography, drawing, design, styling, poetry, animation, dancing, filmmaking, writing, coding - anything you feel an itch for is relevant and worth investigating. 

The truth is that learning a new skill, trying something out of your comfort zone, and devoting time to a pursuit takes EFFORT. And when you start, you are going to SUCK. Good news is, it's the same for everyone. We aren't born as experts, besides at pooping and crying.

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